Suddhavasa Buddhist Meditation Center was established by faithful Buddhists who reside in San Bernardino and Riverside County. It is the 38th Thai Buddhist temple in the United States of America. It is located on 3687 Fleming Street, Riverside, California. It is under the guidance of Venerable Phra Maha Sakchai Thitamedho.

The Establishment:

The temple was established on February 1, 1997. The committee decided to purchase the land for this temple in the amount of $147,000.00. The monks were able to move into their new residence on July 8, 1998. To fulfill their vision, many volunteers and monks began to remodel the place. They planted many fruits trees, and 800 other plants.

The process of development of Suddhavasa Buddhist Meditation Center:

  • Feb 1/97 Rented a house on 2552 South Calaveras Place, Ontario, CA 91761.
  • Jun. 24/97 The temple received a license from the State of California to operate the facility as a non profit organization.
  • Dec. 17/97 The temple received an exemption on the Income Tax Return the Internal Revenue Service as an organization for charity.
  • July 8/98 The committee purchased the property in the area of 2.38 acres  a house in the amount of $147,000.00. The garden  The goal is to create a natural and serene environment visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature and to enhance the of meditation at the temple.
  • Feb. 14/99 Oak wood was used to build the altar and seating area for monks.
  • Nov. 14/99 The first Katinadhana was celebrated.
  • Feb. 23/00 Installed Wat Suddhavasa name’s plate in front of the temple.
  • Mar. 19/00 The ceremony of breaking ground for renovation of Sala Boon.
  • Mar. 28/00 Received an exemption for Property Tax from California State Board of Equalization.
  • June 15/00 The process for renovation of Sala Boon took place. The building was repainted and an evaporative cooler was also installed. The renovation took 155 days. It began on June 15, 2000 and completed on November 17, 2000. It cost $70,000.00
  • Dec. 17/00 The celebration for the new Sala Boon was held on Dec. 17, 2000. Mr. Piyawat Niyomruk, Thai Consul General was the chairperson.
  • Jan. 13/02 Volunteers and monks built iron fences around the temple. They added two gates and repaired the existing fence in front of the temple.
  • Apr. 13/02 Wat Suddhavasa paid off the balance on the property loan in the amount of $173,532.99
  • Jun. 5/02 Built a lotus pond by Sala Boon.
  • Jun. 9/02 The granite sign of Wat Suddhavasa was installed in front of the temple.
  • Jul. 29/02 The temple purchased a tool shed in the amount of $1,500.00
  • Oct. 6/02 The mini-van was paid off.
  • Nov. 10/02 The celebration of Kathina ceremony was held.
  • Dec. 23/02 The volunteers and monks poured concrete for the outdoor cooking area.
  • Feb.28- The construction of patio (an outdoor eating area for monks) was Mar.7/30 completed by all the help from the monks and volunteers.

The total expenditure of the renovation was $330,286.12 or approximately THB 14,862,875.40

Wat Suddhavasa improvement project:

Currently, there Thai, Laotian, Chinese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, American and European Buddhists who faithfully come to worship at Wat Suddhavasa. The temple has only a very limited space to accommodate people. Thus, there is a need to build a larger facility to accommodate all the members.

Construction Project of the Worship Hall:

  • The building will have two levels which has the area of 12,000 square feet.
  • A statue of the Buddha that has a width of 59 inches.
  • A meditation room, a library, and classrooms for children to learn Thai language will be located in the lower level.
  • The estimated expense for this project is approximately $3,500,000.00. It is projecting for the construction to be completed about two years.

Purposes of the construction of the Worship Hall:

The new facility will provide a place for:

  • The statue of the Buddha.
  • Monks to pray and perform Buddhist ceremonies.
  • People to worship.
  • Children and adults to learn the teaching of Buddha, Thai language and culture.
  • A library for people who are interested in studying about Buddhism.

Direction to Suddhavasa BMC

From Los Angeles:
Take 60 Fwy East (pass 15 Fwy) exit at Pedley Rd. and tuin left; turn left onto Granite Hill Dr.: turn right at first right street (Fleming St.) (fourth house on the left hand side).

From Las Vagas:
Take 15 Fwy South to 60 Fwy East, exit at Pedley Rd. and turn left; turn left onto Granite Hill Dr.; turn right at first right street (Fleming St.) (fourth house on the left hand side).

From Riverside:
Take 60 Fwy West; exit Pedley Rd. and turn right; turn left noto Granite Hill Dr.; turn right at first right street (Fleming St.) (fourth house on the left hand side).

ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 1 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 2 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 3 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 4 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 5 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 6 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 7 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 8 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 9 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 10 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 11 ประวัติวัดสุทธาวาส ล่าสุด 12